Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Swine Flu Alert

So the latest is that SD supposedly has swine flu. It's gone from a sore throat to full blown swine flu in the space of just hours.....but of course, she's still fine to go on holiday on Saturday!

I know full well there's a swine flu alert on, and that probably the doctor has said for her to stay home and given Tamiflu or whatever as a precaution, but I always get a whiff of BM-drama when these things happen. At least SD is now of an age where she chats to DP or sometimes me on MSN and tells us what's going on, in her 10 year old way, because DP would never get the courtesy of a phone call to tell him his child is sick. And of course, DP doesn't know SD is sick, so he doesn't call her to see how she is, and he gets a barrage from BM's bitchy mother about what a crap father he is because he doesn't call to see how his sick child is, that he didn't know was sick! And when he does call, usually they don't answer anyway, or switch SD's mobile off on purpose, and then tell her that Daddy never rang her.

It must be tiring, to spend your life on such elaborate machinations - oh, my child's sick, look, a points scoring exercise for me against my ex! Look what a wonderful selfless mother I am, having to care for my sick child and her father just doesn't care....what a way to waste energy! It used to annoy me, and I'd get worked up about it, but now I can stand back and laugh at her daft efforts, because it amuses me that she's actually got nothing better to do with her time. The woman needs a job, or maybe she needs to take up watching Jeremy Kyle instead of creating her own drama out of nothing!

Sadly, it seems to be a common theme amongst these malicious exes. It's heartbreaking to see how many good fathers there are who are cut out of the everyday lives of their kids. DP has, to a certain point, given up, certainly given up on hoping for any sort of cessation of hostilities anyway, and any hope of amicable co-parenting. What can reasonably be done with a woman who berates her ex for not seeing his child enough, and then tells him he cannot see his child any more than his court order permits? Do they not see the oxymoron there? Well, maybe not the oxymoron, but I definitely see a moron!


  1. Yuck. I say this same thing all the time - that the kids mother needs to get a freaking life of her own and quit trying to figure out ways to make ours harder (by ours I mean hubby, the kids and I). Some people will never learn it seems. I think sitting back and laughing is about all we can do sometimes unfortunately.

  2. Just tell her to stop being so Lugubrious!!

    I learnt a new word today! :-)

    B x

  3. I completely agree our BM's must be friends because they are so similiar. She is always saying the BF isn't a good father because he doesn't see his son, yet he has to fly 3 1/2 hours to see him or drive 12 hours. He tries to make it every month which I think is amazing. Yet when she has the chance to let the son see his father more she won't let it happen. Completely stupid but its her way of thinking and she loves DRAMA!! Someday hopefully someone is dumb enough to be with them and will help them move on!

  4. Life of a Stepmama, I have never quite understood why BM is so intent on still being so destructive towards OH, because she has a partner (that she left OH for) and she is gay, so it's not as if she wants him back or anything! I can only assume it's jealousy of some sort, she seems to resent the fact SD still loves her dad when she doesn't.

  5. Hi there-I just read your comment on Heather T's blog- thanks for reading my post there! It sounds like we have rather similar BM's in our lives. I am sorry you have to go through all the manipulative crap that she puts out there. jsut stay strong and keep loving that kid! Can't wait to read more.