Monday, 13 July 2009

Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Are they not just the worst day of the week?

This Monday has been worse than most, with the only silver lining being that I haven't been into work today.

DP has a very infected leg, thanks to an accident with a power drill a few weeks back, and we found ourselves in the hospital for the THIRD time since Friday, since the bloody NHS seem to operate a revolving door system that says "slap a patch on it and hope it goes away". They told DP to stop taking the antibiotics that his doctor gave him, and wait until their test results came through. They kept patching the leg up and it kept leaking and swelling and, well, smelling pretty gross and being very painful so that he couldn't sleep (and neither could I), so DP had no option but to go back to A&E this morning. 7 hours later, he's actually got some treatment for it instead of them just covering it up.

The consequence of his infected, ulcerated yucky leg is that DP now cannot go on scout camp in 2 weeks time because the dressing has to be changed by the nurse twice a week and the wound has to be cleaned. DP has not yet broken this to SD, and she is going to be gutted, as she loves to go on camp with the scouts. The bad news for Wicked Steppie is that DP and SD are going to be at ours for a full week. Never thought I'd say this, but thank F**K I have a full time job.

DP now doesn't know whether to tell SD or not that he can't go on camp. He thinks if he does tell her, she might not want to come for the week, as she does tend towards going where she thinks the most fun is, and also that if BM finds out that camp isn't on, that she won't let him have her, or she will put some temptations in SD's way that will make her want to stay at hers and not spend the week with her dad. I suggested to DP that he get organised and plan a few activities to do during the week instead - some trips etc, and have said I'll see if her horse riding stables is doing any summer activities, so he's got some alternatives ready.

Sometimes it all feels like a military operation - strategies, diversions, planning and anticipating where and how the enemy will strike!


  1. Ha! People get paid very high salaries for the kind of strategic planning and damage limitation that we steppies have to get involved in!

    Hope DP's leg sorts itself out soon. And you get a decent night's sleep!


  2. Do not tell bm they arent going on camp